Even Today, The Children are exploited in big numbers. It is the results of malnourished attitude of the society.

The Economically, Socially deprived & weaker Children should also be provided with the Educational facilities is the effort of the organisation. The organisation handles the various issues about the Children.

There are big number of Child Labours seen widely at the Religious & Tourist places. They have been forced to do Child labouring day by day. That’s why, the organisation is making sincere efforts from time to time to stop the Child labours. To get the information of such places, make awakening among the parents, To provide educational facilities & other related work is done by the organisation to stop the Child labour practices.

The organisation has made the Group of activists and collected information of ongoing Child labours, prepared the report on it and is being sent to the UNICEF, Mumbai after deep study.

The organisation is committed to make disappear the Child labour, child exploitation and to protect the Rights of all Childrens.